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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Cambodia safe?

Cambodia is likely as safe as your home country. Long gone are the days of banditry and random violence.

Are ultralight aircraft safe?

All aircraft including ultralights are perfectly safe as long as the machine is in airworthy condition, and its pilot is experienced and exercising good judgement.

What about your pilots?

Two of our pilots have thousands of hours each flying ultralights and another has a commercial rating for general aviation aircraft.

Do you wear parachutes?

No. There is no need.

What if the engine quits?

In the extremely remote event of an engine failure, the aircraft is perfectly capable of a controlled landing without it. Experienced pilots regularly shut it off mid flight and glide in on purpose!

Can we fly over Angkor Wat?

We have a few areas that are restricted and unfortunately, Angkor Wat is one of them. Areas such as the built up cities of Phnom Penh and Siem Reap are also out of bounds without special permission as are their international airports.

I'm big, can I fly too?

Generally, if you can fit in the seat, you can fly. We have had passengers who weighed as much as 120 kg and flew without incident.

What about kids?

As long as they are big enough so they cant slip out of the safety harness, they can fly.

Can my significant other go up at the same time?

If we have 2 or more machines and pilots available then of course.