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Recreational Tours

Several options exist for local romps across the Khmer countryside. Popular sites such as Oudong, Tonle Bati, and Phnom Chissor are within half an hour from the home strip in Kompong Spue, as well as many others. Prices start at $120 for a 30 minute flight (only available for two or more people) or $200 for a full hour.

Extended Tours

With an endurance of nearly 4 hours and the ability to carry an additional 5 hours of fuel on board, there is very little beyond our reach in a single trip even considering our relatively low speed. In fact we have flown in every one of the Kingdom's 20 provinces and 4 municipalities and regularily operate away from our home base for weeks at a time.


With development and tourism at an all-time high, many organizations require a simple utility aircraft for projects such as aerial photography and videography or aerial surveying. Over the years we have worked with many people:

  • Cambodia Television Network
  • Golden West Humanitarian Foundation
  • IFA Films (documentary for Animal Planet)
  • The Greater Angkor Project
  • Wildlife Conservation Society
  • World Heritage
  • The Halo Trust (mine clearance)
  • Mekong Fish Conservation Project (National Geographic  Conservation Trust)
  • Food and Agriculture Organization (United Nations)
  • NASA JPL (remote sensing and GIS)
  • EFEO (French archaeology studies)
  • APSARA (Cambodian archaeology studies and  conservation)
  • University of Sydney (archaeology)
  • ZOA (refugee care)
  • Helsinki University  (Laboratory of Water  Resources)
  • University of New South Wales  (center for remote sensing  and GIS)
  • University of California, Davis (fish conservation)
  • University of California, Berkeley (research in Angkorian  Geography)
  • University of Singapore (archaeology and Khmer studies)
  • Foreign Correspondents club of Japan (photography)
  • Science Magazine

Members of these projects while flying with us have made a number of discoveries including locating four previously unknown Angkorian temple sites.